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Bachelor in Global Business

Business Perspective Across Borders

The current business environment is dynamic and ever-growing, so it is of utmost importance to understand it in a comprenhensive and clear way. As a Bachelor in Global Business graduate, you will generate growth by facing challenges and transforming them into opportunities. You will interact with people from different cultures and use digital tools to create business plans and strategies that generate growth in this volatile and unpredictable environment.
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Choose Your Specialization

Our TEC21 educational model allows you to customize your degree and your professional profile. During the specialization stage, consider a concentration or an internship based on your plans after graduation. Tec de Monterrey offers you this path through the following concentrations*:

  • Global supply chain management
  • Consulting in customs and foreign trade
  • Doing business in Asia, North America, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East

* These concentrations are subject to availability and might vary in each campus.

Field Of Work

With these skills, you will be able to generate value in different global environments and develop career options in fields, such as:

  • Multinational and domestic companies with operations in Mexico and around the world
  • Global supply chain and logistics companies.
  • Government and private organizations that promote foreign trade and investment
  • Consulting for international companies focused on international operations, trade, customs, negotiations and multiculturalism
  • Starting up your own project

Is This You?

If you consider yourself a citizen of the world, committed with your country and region´s development, with multicultural leadership, and promoter of a new vision for the future that fosters cooperation in international environments, Global Business is your path.

Study Program

Choose Your Path

Radar BGB

1 Exploration

  1. You develop the competencies of the Business discipline, which you will master throughout your experience at #NegociosTEC.
  2. You will learn the fundamental concepts of the Business discipline.
  3. You will partake in challenges to understand and explore Business fundamentals, where you will interact with classmates from different majors.
  4. You will take general education courses, which you will choose from a wide offer of topics.
  5. You will participate in an integrated business challenge that requires the application of all the competencies and knowledge developed throughout this stage.

2 Focus

  1. You will acquire core knowledge and competencies of your major area, those that make your program unique.
  2. You will participate in focused challenges, to reinforce what you have learned and expand the core knowledge.
  3. You will decide whether to focus deeper into your major or to diversify into other complementary areas.
  4. You will experience the TEC Weeks that include experiences and extracurricular activities that will enrich your program.

3 Specialization

  1. You have decided between diversifying or focusing in depth into your major, which you will achieve by choosing a concentration, a professional internship or even a period abroad. The TEC Semester will give you the flexibility to customize your academic program.
  2. You will develop competencies related to your passions, interests and professional plans.
  3. Upon graduation, you will receive the certificate of professional concentration issued by your campus


Study Program

Plan de Estudio Bachelor in Global Business

Recurso 1 General education course

Recurso 2 Area exploration course

Recurso 3 Introductory block (CHALLENGE)

Recurso 4 Area exploration block (CHALLENGE)

Recurso 5 Optional block outside the area (CHALLENGE)

Recurso 6 Global area block (CHALLENGE)

Recurso 7 Disciplinary course

Recurso 8 Disciplinary block (CHALLENGE)

Recurso 9 Disciplinary global block (CHALLENGE)

Recurso 10 Multi-disciplinary block (CHALLENGE)

Recurso 11 Final global block (CHALLENGE)

Recurso 12 TEC Semester

Download program’s infographic

Infographic BGB
Remedial Semestral
Introductory Courses
First Semester
Business Role in Society
Business Leadership
Financial Analysis
Enterprise Economy
Elective Course Mathematics and Science
Mathematical Thinking
Business Globalization
Strategy and Talent
Business Programming
Second Semester
Business communication
Decision Support Analysis
Statistics for business
Financial Management
Business Law
Elective Course Humanities and Fine Arts
Creating Prototypes
Business Model Innovation
Marketing Insight to Develop Strategies
Talent Management Process
Third Semester 
Sharing Value Creation
Financial Planning Strategy
Elective Course Social and Behavioral Sciences
Business Innovation Project
Investment Project Evaluation
Market Solutions
Market Strategies and Differentiation
International Competitiveness and Business Opportunities
Culture, Organization and Human Talent
Exploration Topic
Fourth Semester 
Elective Course Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
International Business Panorama
Exportation Plan
Global Business Trends & Risk Detection
International Logistics Operations
Fifth Semester
Elective Course Ethics and Citizenship
Import Management & Compliance
International Service Development: trading intangibles
Negotiation Across Cultures
International Sales & Contracts
Sixth Semester 
Professional Elective I
Professional Elective II
Professional Elective III
Professional Elective IV
Professional Elective V
Professional Elective VI
Seventh Semester
Elective I
Elective II
Elective III
Elective IV
Elective V
Elective VI
Eighth Semester 
International Strategy Development for the XXI Century
Elective Multidisciplinary Professional

Download or open area’s brochure

Business Area
Campus Santa Fe
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Campus Monterrey
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Campus Querétaro
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Campus Toluca
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Campus Puebla
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Campus Ciudad de México
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Campus Guadalajara
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